Based on the above understanding of entrepreneurship in the use of appropriate technology is needed in running a business. The use of appropriate technology will result in a potif against what is produced and can meet the needs of the growing community demand for goods is increasing. Moreover, self-employment is a step in the creative and inopatif see opportunities, creative design a kind menskipun goods already known in the community though. Although the nature of the kretif and inopatif be the main thing in self-employment, in practice jeelih mreka as employers also use the means of production or the creation of an item, this is done so penggunaa costs and process time can be taken into account, so that employers no loss in producing goods to be sold. The benefits TTG in entrepreneurial namely:
1. boost production
As the use of rice processing machines made by M. Sauki, highway musimpanen time arrives, the amount of grain quite a lot while the market demand can not be satisfied with the number of lots due to be processed manually, but with this processing machines, M.Sauki can meet market demand in large numbers and a relatively frugal [7].
2. Make it easy for employers to produce goods.
The existence of appropriate technologies penggunaa use, facilitate for entrepreneurs in producing needed goods. For example penguaha manufacture bamboo mat of eastern Java. They use tools such sederhaana saws, axes and building tools such as drilling machines used during the manufacturing process mat. Not didunga, that the tools that are used for the building appeared to be transferable to other work functions mekerjaannya function is not changed, it is quite easy for employers bamboo mat of East Java [8].